Series-production mechanical seals

Developed for efficiency, safety and economy. Noted for their long service life, excellent efficiency and low-maintenance technology.

Mechanical seals
From preliminary sketch to production, we design individual mechanical seals for the optimal interaction of assembly and seal.

After Market Business
We develop series-production seals with your branding, so that you can use the aftermarket business to gain an economic advantage.

Supply systems
Innovative supply systems for mechanical seals ensure optimal leak-tightness and additional performance.

Your advantages
Precisely matched

The more compatible the mechanical seals, 
the better their performance. Our engineers therefore adapt the seals as closely as possible to the given circumstances.

After Market

Make a mark with branded seals and use the sale of spare parts as an additional market to boost your profit.

Expertise from 35 years of experience

A big advantage of our mechanical seals is their maintenance-friendliness. Unlike other solutions, they don’t need adjustment. 

Everything from a single source

We avoid costly downtimes and use efficient warehousing to ensure supply security and smooth processing.

mechanical seal
Own branding and aftermarket business

Mechanical seals for pumps, compressors and agitators are constantly being swapped out. If your brand is visible on the mechanical seal, you’ll profit from the aftermarket business. By applying your own branding, you’ll cover your customers’ demand for spare parts while expanding your business into a new market.

to the branding


The success speaks for us
Your additional business
Your additional costs
Years of know-how in development