We develop series-production seals with your branding, so that you can exploit the aftermarket business to gain an economic advantage.

Mechanical seals with own branding
The brand name on the mechanical seal can determine whether the assembly owner makes a purchase. We develop seals for series production with your own branding, so that you can use the aftermarket business to gain an economic advantage.
Attractive additional market
The sale of spare parts is an underestimated component of economic efficiency. As an assembly manufacturer, you can serve an additional market at no extra cost when your customers purchase mechanical seals directly from you. As a general rule, aftermarket prices are many times higher than those of the original equipment.
Brand profiling
With branded series-production seals, you save your customers the research work and decision to purchase. The straightforward supply of spare parts lets you meaningfully expand your customer service and stand out from the competition.
Easy to integrate
Your branded seals are integrated together with your assembly into the customer’s operating system. Follow-up orders therefore happen automatically.